What Are Free Radicals and how Antioxidants benefit Our Skin!

Have you heard of your skin therapist talking about free radicals and wondering what they mean?

Free radicals are the unstable atoms that bounce around the body and can cause damage to our cells which will contribute to the aging process. They are formed when oxygen molecules within the body undergo oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is caused by lifestyle and environment, internal and external factors. These include sugar, sun exposure, UV radiation, chemicals, hormonal changes, lack of sleep, stress and anxiety, cigarette smoke, even small things such as air pollutants or oil diffusers can cause free radicals in the body that can induce pigmentation and premature aging!

Free radicals are everywhere, so understanding how to minimise your exposure to them is key. Fortunately we can use antioxidants on the skin to neutralise the free radicals we are exposed to and protect your skin from further damage as well as calming irritation of the skin.

Antioxidants we use are Vitamin A, C, B and E, just to name a few. 

So how do I know which Antioxidants are right for me and when should I be using them?

If you apply an antioxidant in the morning and then go outside, it will act much like a sunscreen, sponging up UV-generated free radicals before they can harm the skin. If you apply an antioxidant at night you are able to absorb them in your sleep. Which is why we follow the CSA philosophy of

Vitamin C in the morning
Sunscreen during the day
Vitamin A at night

Stay tuned for our next posts which explain the antioxidants we love in more detail.